"Next to You" User Trial

"Next to You" User Trial

Next To You (N2U) application detects other users in your proximity and exchanges your "whisper" automatically with them. You can define yourself what you would like to whisper to others.

N2U is a research prototype created jointly by Tampere University of Technology, Finland and Brno University of Technology within the project focused on Device-to-Device (D2D) communication.

We arrange a large scale user study with N2U in March 2016.

Next to You user trial will start within a week! Remember to invite your friends at BUT!

N2U application can be used on phones running Android version 4.3-5.x. We will collect data exclusively for research purposes about the usage activity and content shared with N2U. We want to know how you experience N2U. We will send you two online questionnaires to collect feedback.

Welcome stranger! If you ended up here after reading this article, great!

In March, we will launch a very interesting social Android app (Next to You, N2U). To be one of the first to try it out, just stay tuned! Feel free to also invite your BUT-friends. The app is part of research done within the collaboration between Tampere University of Technology and Brno University of Technology, so there's no commercial intentions or other "monkey business" involved. =)

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  • QoE
  • Research project
  • User satisfaction
10. March 2016 by Jiří Hošek, Ph.D.