Our IEEE 802.15.4 Handheld Channel Analyser

Our IEEE 802.15.4 Handheld Channel Analyser

We have developed a new handheld channel analyser that serves for RSSI, LQI monitoring from all the 802.15.4 addresable nodes within the radio range of the analyser. The result list of RSSI and LQi can be sorted according to the best values or addresses.

The channel analyser operates in 2,4 GHz band and is controlled by the Memisc IRIS node.

The MAC functionalities were implemented by means of the MAC stack of the Atmel.

After start up, user selects either to scan all sixteen (11-26) IEEE 802.15.4 channels or one can choose the sniffed channel manually:

In the Channel scan menu, first define how long the analyser should sniff at each channel and then it is possible to choose if the results are to be displayed in the Graphical (bars) form or in the Text list form:

The dBm values at the analysed channels in the Text list form are displayed below. The symbol "15.4" indicates that that channel is occupied by the technology complying the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.

By pressing BACK button, the user can skip to the main menu and manually selects the desired channel for the analyses. Once the channel is selected, it is possible to sort the results according to the MAC address or RSSI value:

The freshness of the dBm values are indicated by the "x" symbol. When the symbol appears, the reported dBm value was obtained more than 60 second before:

  • Hardware
  • IEEE 802.15.4
7. September 2012 by Milan Šimek, Ph.D.