SIP-based Alarm Serving Gateway

SIP-based Alarm Serving Gateway

In cooperation with Telekom Austria Group, we have developed the middleware application which is running on the OpenWRT-based smart home gateway and is serving all alarm system handling functions to detect and decode alarm events coming from all types of alarm systems. The decoded alarm messages and events are sent to any pre-defined client in form of a SIP message. Moreover, the actual status of the alarm system and serving gateway is regularly checked and notified.

The smart home gateways are gaining interests of broadband service providers, mobile and fixed network operators, equipment vendors, device manufacturers, as well as research and standardization bodies. Therefore, our work tries to demonstrate suitable solution based on actual state of technology for use case with wide spectrum of requirements on one side. On other side, our solution extends actual state of art with demonstrating potential of middleware solutions.

The developed middleware does not increase hardware requirements and follows the SIP security standards. This is demonstrated at utilization of smart home infrastructure with IMS infrastructure for service category alarms. The demonstration shows the potential of virtualization of alarm receiving centre at SIP platform. Furthermore our solution provides cost efficient design which does not introduce additional costs at network infrastructure and is based on already deployed residential access technologies.

We would like to thank Telekom Austria Group for supporting our research, since the views expressed reflect some of the strategic visions within the Telekom Austria Group.

For more detailed describtion of developed system or downloading up to date source codes, please follow our profile on GitHub.

The core of this research work was presented on the 12th International Conference on CIRCUITS, SYSTEMS, ELECTRONICS, CONTROL & SIGNAL PROCESSING (CSECS '13), Budapest, Hungary, December 10-12, 2013.

You can download the published paper from this link.

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6. January 2014 by Jiří Hošek, Ph.D.