Smart Multi-Purpose Home Gateway - SyMPHOnY 1.0

Smart Multi-Purpose Home Gateway - SyMPHOnY 1.0

In the cooperation with Telekom Austria Group, we have developed a functional prototype of the Smart Multi-Purpose Home Gateway (SyMPHOnY 1.0) which may act as a centre-piece in any smart home or residential building.  

The main aim of this project is to create a demonstrator of universal smart home gateway which merges the detection and forwarding of alarm systems’ events, local smart metering with other smart home services, sensors and actuators.

The demonstrator is able to run on OpenWRT-based standard IP home gateway (router) and on Linux Ubuntu-based device (e.g. netbook) as well. As the primary communication platform the state of the art and well recognized wireless and wired technologies as well (e.g. Wireless M-Bus, IEEE 802.11, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Ethernet, IMS, 3G/4G broadband, etc.) are utilized.

The demonstrator's design follows a snippet approach when specific tasks are performed by the regions of re-usable source code which can be easily created and managed. 

The demonstrator provides following features:

  • data-store platform for e.g. smart metering, sensors data, event logs including the historical overview;
  • graphical interpretation of selected information collected by smart home gateway like smart metering data, energy consumption or production, month energy bill, data storage, etc. on end-user devices;
  • remote access to selected information generated by smart home services via mobile smart devices;
  • device management system for remote monitoring and configuration of selected parameters;
  • multimedia content delivery service for a live streaming of data collected inside the gateway (e.g. smart metering data) to display device (e.g. TV set);
  • utilization of complex visualization platform to provide graphical overview of the gateway and data from connected sensors;
  • integration of an intelligent home control system for electrical appliances;
  • integration of mini PV energy production system;
  • integration of temperature / humidity sensors or measurement systems.
  • Home automation
  • Home Gateway Initiative
  • IoT
  • OSGi
  • Smart Home Gateway
  • Smart metering
28. October 2014 by Jiří Hošek, Ph.D.